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Rhenium has a very high melting point, is a major instrument of high temperature materials, tungsten-rhenium thermocouples at 3100 ℃ do not soften. Rhenium, tungsten or molybdenum is added to form an alloy increases the ductility. Rhenium and rhenium alloys can be made tube elements and ultra-high temperature heater to vaporize the metal.

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Jun 14, 2012· I have some tungsten/rhenium wire. 20% rhenium. 0.020 inches thick (0.5mm) I want to sell it by the foot. It is rather hard and I want some creative ideas on how to …

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Rhenium superalloys are used in gas turbine engines in various industries. Rhenium is used in making electrical contact points, mass spectrometers and photographic flash lamps. Rhenium tungsten superalloys are used in making X-ray machines. Rhenium isotopes (rhenium-186 and 188) are used to treat liver and pancreatic cancer (radio-pharmacy).

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Tungsten Rhenium is one of numerous metal alloys sold by American Elements under the trade name AE Alloys™. Generally immediately available in most volumes, AE Alloys™ are available as bar, Ingot, ribbon, wire, shot, sheet, and foil.

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Operating conditions for rhenium plating and tungsten-nickel plating 1998. I have a couple of unusual applications. The first is rhenium plating and the other is Tungsten/nickel intermetallic plating. I've been able to pick up some basic info on the chemical salts for making up solutions but I don't know any operating conditions.

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Jan 11, 2017· I was trying to learn if there are any alloys we could be using for thermocouples on our thermoelectric fission reactors, and I happened upon Tungsten Rhenium -- specifically the 75% W, 25% Re mix -- which saves up on cost of Re, and keeps the melting point closer to W than Re.

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Alibaba.com offers 356 rhenium wire products. About 48% of these are tungsten wire, 13% are other metals & metal products, and 12% are temperature instruments. A wide variety of rhenium wire options are available to you, such as free samples.

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Tungsten's hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles. Tungsten compounds are also often used as industrial catalysts. Tungsten is the only metal from the third transition series that is known to occur in biomolecules that are …

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Oct 04, 2014· So far as an astronomer understands the 'witchcraft' of spacecraft design, very light weight and durable alloys of titanium, aluminum and magnesium are commonly used. In the near future we may use combinations of plastics and various hybrid materi...

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Jun 15, 2014· Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140,000 words were already uploaded... Check them out! Visit ...

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Description. Rhenium/Tungsten Wire (3% Rhenium/97% Tungsten). Rhenium/Tungsten Wire and Ribbon is used in the manufacture of mass spectrometer filaments and heater coil as well as in the manufacture of thermocouples.

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Jul 06, 2017· Rhenium is an extremely rare metal that has a range of different characteristics that make it ideal for many purposes today. It has the highest boiling point of any of the elements on the periodic table, and it has one of the highest melting points. As a result of this, rhenium is often used for its heat-resistant properties.

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Tungsten-Rhenium (WRe) Historically Tungsten 25% Rhenium alloy has been produced into wire for the thermocouple market, but recent demands for high temperature structural components have forced the development of novel processing techniques for Tungsten-Rhenium and Tungsten-Rhenium with hafnium carbide.

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Tungsten Rhenium Price - Select 2019 high quality Tungsten Rhenium Price products in best price from certified Chinese Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire manufacturers, Tungsten Rhenium Plate suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.com

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A jewellery website says they make their rhenium rings using 24 karat rhenium. Rhenium is a very hard and corrosion resistant metal and has an extremely high melting point, above 10000°F. Rhenium wedding bands on that website were on sale for abou...

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ΗTLE ALLOYS OF MOLYBDENUM, RHENIUM AND TUNGSTEN. FIELD OF THE INVENTION. This invention relates to molybdenum alloys which possess improved tensile strength and a higher recrystallization temperature while maintaining an adequate level of ductility and corrosion resistance.

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Rhenium improves the properties of tungsten. Tungsten-rhenium alloys are more ductile at low temperature, allowing them to be more easily machined. The high-temperature stability is also improved. The effect increases with the rhenium concentration, and therefore tungsten alloys are produced with up to 27% of Re, which is the solubility limit.

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Tungsten-rhenium alloy wire Firmetal, 2018-05-11 09:22:00 PM. Rhenium tungsten wire (tungsten rhenium alloy wire) or Sapphire tungsten-rhenium alloy wire (tungsten rhenium alloy wire for Sapphire) is base in rhenium tungsten alloy elements, is a kind of tungsten alloy.The typical rhenium content in the alloy is 1%, 3%, 5%, 20%, 25% and 26%, etc.

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A molybdneum, rhenium, and tungsten alloy having an improved erosion, ductility, strength and a higher recrystallization temperature. The alloy may be fabricated into equipment which is useful for manufacturing chemicals such as a hydrochlorofluorocarbon.

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Rhenium (Re), the last naturally-occurring element to be discovered, was discovered in Germany in 1925. The process was so complicated and the cost so high that production was discontinued until early 1950 when tungsten-rhenium and molybdenum-rhenium alloys were prepared.

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Concept Alloys' medical wire and tubing is suitable for a wide range of applications, primarily for various surgeries. The size range, ductility and specific size/shape quality properties of Concept Alloys' tungsten-rhenium enables our medical wire and tubing to be customized for specific cardiovascular and diagnostic applications.

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Nov 16, 2017· What Is Rhenium And What Are Its Applications? Rhenium is chemical element that was discovered in 1908. ... Addition of rhenium in tungsten helps improve its properties; thus making the tungsten-rhenium alloys ductile and easy to work with at low temperatures. The stability of tungsten at high temperatures grows with the addition of Rhenium.

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Rhenium ring -- 24 karat (99.99% pure) Wedding bands have traditionally been made of gold with 14 karat (or 58.5% pure) being the most common and 18 karat (or 75% pure) also available. Gold is too soft to make a durable ring out of at 24 karat purity (at least 99.9% pure).

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About Pure Rhenium Pure rhenium is an important material for many scientific instrument filaments, as well as other electron and ion source filaments. Most rhenium naturally occurs in porphyry copper deposits. Hydrogen reduction is used to convert ammonium perrhenate to pure rhenium powder. The pure rhenium powder is pressed and sintered into ingots.

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Rhenium-tungsten wire is used in furnace parts and thermocouples for measuring temperature up to 2,200°C, [5]. It is also required for welding applications, electronics, and making wire mesh grids in aerospace equipment [11].

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Rhenium is a rare metal with unique properties that make it ideally suited for today's most powerful engines and critical chemical reactions. Eagle Alloys is a premier rhenium metal supplier providing rhenium in both its pure form and most popular alloys.

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Rhenium Alloys supplies pure Tungsten, and Tungsten alloys – Tungsten-Copper and Tungsten-Rhenium. Tungsten is commonly used in filaments, electric bulbs, electric tubes, heating elements in high-temperature furnaces, high speed tools, and in the aerospace and automotive industries.

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The refractory metals consist of a group of five materials: tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and rhenium. These metals share a number of common characteristics, to varying degrees, including: Extremely high melting point — particularly tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum — making them valuable for processing molten metals and minerals.

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among these are several works making predictions for ReB 2-structured WB 2 and for rhenium/tungsten diboride solid solutions.20,23,31,32,36−38 As a result, experimental realization of such a system would be an ideal test of these theoretical predictions. For the reasons mentioned above, solid solutions employing WB

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Oct 28, 2013· Rhenium: A case study in critical metals inaction. ... At the risk of spoiling the suspense for the SecDef staff tasked with reporting on the Tungsten Rhenium wire situation, they'll find that. Rhenium has the second-highest melting point of any element – behind Tungsten, the other material in Tungsten Rhenium wire. ...

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